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Chef by the Island

Discover Chef by the Island, the premier catering service from our own Kernot Food and Wine Store Chef. Specialising in creating personalised menus with local ingredients, our service is perfect for all events, from intimate gatherings to large celebrations. We bring the same restaurant-quality dining to your doorstep, ensuring a memorable culinary experience for every occasion. Explore our bespoke catering options and let us add a touch of culinary excellence to your next event. Here's a sample of our customer favourites!


Sweet delights

Savour our Sweet Delights platter, a bespoke assortment of exquisite cakes and pastries, customisable to cater to any palate for your special occasion.


Trade mark cookies

Delight in our customer favourites - charming, handcrafted cookies perfect for any celebration, with sweet designs that promise smiles and joy.


It's a wrap

Vibrant, fresh wraps are perfect for any event - a colourful, healthy option that's as delicious as visually appealing.

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