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Wood Fired Pizza at the Kernot Store

At the Kernot Store, we're all about keeping things real, especially our wood-fired pizzas. There's something special about watching a pizza cook in the open flame of a traditional oven — a bit of theatre in the kitchen never fails to impress.

Our oven is at the heart of the pizza-making process. It's not just for the warmth; the wood we choose is all part of the flavour. That smokey taste? You can't replicate that in a standard oven. It's the signature of an excellent wood-fired pizza.

The base of our pizzas is a simple, hand-stretched dough. It's the perfect foundation for everything from a classic Margherita — with its bright tomato, melting mozzarella, and a burst of basil — to our loaded Kernot Special, piled high with all the toppings you could want.

Every pizza on the menu has a little personality. Take the Meat Lovers — a complete feast with a mix of salami, ham, and bacon, all brought together with a tangy BBQ sauce. Then there's the Calabrese for those who like it hot, loaded with spicy slices and just the right chilli kick.

Using a wood-fired oven means you've got to be on your toes. That high heat cooks the pizzas fast - exactly what you need for that perfect, crispy-edged crust.

For us, wood-fired pizza is more than just food. It's a vibe. It's coming together with mates or the family, sharing a meal, and enjoying the simpler things. It's what eating at the Kernot Store is all about.

So come on down, pull up a chair, and see what all the fuss is about. We're not just making pizzas; we're making those laid-back, remember-that-time moments that make life a little sweeter.

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